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Here’s a picture of the farm tour at Seven Seeds Farm on Saturday for the biodynamics class that I organized. It was blazing hot (102!) and humid, but Everett did really well in the backpack. I thought it was a cute picture to post of my guys!

Our market truck is broken. In the shop. Overheated. Argh. This makes it difficult to take produce to market tomorrow. Alas, our dear friend and neighbor farmer Chris Jagger of Blue Fox Farm is coming to the rescue! He will be taking all of our produce boxes to market in his refrigerated truck tomorrow morning. Our veggies are going to market in high-style! The rest–the canopies, tables, baskets etc. will be piled high on top of Rocker-T (our mighty blue subaru wagon). Should be an adventure. Anyway, thanks Jagger. You are a life saver.

We hope the truck will be fixed by Wednesday for Medford. Cross your fingers.

New this week at market: Carrots, cauliflower and fennel! Yippee!

We are continuing to develop our irrigation system and will be hosting a ditch cleaning party on Saturday with neighbors and my brother who will be in town this weekend. From Wall Street to Applegate. Can’t wait.


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