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New Look

We hope you aren’t thrown off by our new look. One of our big projects this winter is to improve our blog and website to make it easier to understand the products we offer, where we sell, and how to contact us. In the weeks to come, we’ll be adding some new pages, so look for those. We will have information up soon about our 2010 main season CSA program. As well, we will be posting information soon about jobs and internships with Barking Moon Farm this growing season. We will be looking for 3 interns and a couple of hourly folks, so stay tuned for job description and application information.

We delivered the 3rd winter CSA box this past week and most everything did okay in the big freeze of December. We did lose some things like chard, celery root, arugula and some winter squash, but we are still going stong with lots of sweet carrots, greens, onions, potatoes and other storage crops.

We’ve begun checking things off the enormous list of tasks to accomplish before markets begin again in March. Some of the big projects include building a new propagation house (the pad is in, we’ve mulched and seeded around the base and pipe bending and construction begins later this week). We’ll begin fencing another acre at our leased property in a couple of weeks (yes, we keep growing in acreage….) Other big projects include: crop planning, pack-out expansion with extended roof, gravel & more tubs, and upgrading our irrigation system. This week, we begin the first round of salad greens and other early greens in the greenhouse for the first deliveries and markets in March and April. I can’t believe we are already going back into the greenhouse. June is going to be here before we know it!

We’re looking forward to a new year and growing season full of creativity, joy, abundance, community and lots of veggies!

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Winter Setting In

Winter has set in on the farm. We had our first winter CSA harvest this past week and included a bountiful amount of food including carrots, potatoes, rutabaga, spinach, winter squash, onions, salad mix, romanesco and cabbage to our 20 wonderful and supportive members. We really like winter farming although we’ve been fighting freezing temperatures on the farm for the last couple of days.

I (Melissa) was invited up to Washington recently to talk about the southern Oregon League of Women Farmers for my OSU Extension work. We stayed at the old farmhouse at the Mt. Vernon Research Center, which was great and after a nicely attended talk to the faculty, staff and local farmers, we got to spend some time visiting farms in the Skagit Valley, Olympic Peninsula & the San Juan Islands. We had a great family vacation on top of that. As farmers, we can only travel during the winter, so it was nice to take some much needed relaxation time while also mixing in farm related business. Anyway, we brought back some new ideas to the farm including some marketing and winter storage tips, but most notably we got really excited about integrating more grains into our system, which we will begin doing this next year as we are participating in a small grain trail as part of a Western SARE grant. Josh is going to trial some wheat varieties for our poultry flock–more on the homestead scale, but we hope to increase our grain production as we take on our more leased land and figure out economics, scale & equipment, all things that will be addressed in this SARE grant. More details on that to come this spring. Anyway,  western Washington is a special place and there are some great farms up that way. Thanks for hosting us!

Here’s a link to an interview about our farm on the Return to Tradition blog. Check it out. Thanks Matthew!

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